- Abstracts : Monday 13, March 2017
- Registration : Thursday 23, March 2017

Les Journées du Campus d'Illkirch 2017

Special session on

Fixed man, enhanced man

organized Tuesday, March 28th, starting at 3pm.


Chair : Pascal Darbon, MCU Université de Strasbourg, INCI, Strasbourg

-     Serge Picaud,Visual restoration in blind patients: From retinal prosthesis to optogenetic therapy,

DR Inserm, Institut de la vision, Paris

-     Séverine Sigrist, Bio-artificial pancreas: from myth to reality,

CEO (chief executive officer) et CSO (chief scientific officer)  Defymed et directeur de l’unité de recherche DIATHEC EA 7294 – Université de Strasbourg,

-     Valentine Gourinat, Arm and leg prostheses: from reality to fantasy,

Doctorante Dyname – UMR 7367 CNRS-Unistra, Strasbourg

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